I’m going fishing, I’m going ice fishing!

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Animated by the amazing Rice Pirate. You should check his channel out.


I’m going fishing, I’m going ice fishing
I’m going fishing in a frozen lake
I’m gonna catch all the things that are in there
You can come too, see the things that I caught

What you caught there?
Oh it’s some sort of haddock
But it’s wearing some shades and it says it’s name’s Desmond
What you caught now eh?
Oh no. It’s Cthulhu
What you doing in this lake Cthulhu?
Get back to the ocean

I’ve caught the Nautilus complete with Captain Nemo
I’ve caught a ginormous squid fishing here.
I caught a man who claimed to be Jaques Cousteau’s ghost
I checked his drivers licence, said his name was Brian
I’ve caught your mam, she was here
threw her back then thought again
fished here out then dried her off
‘Cos, you know, I didn’t wanna be rude

I’ve reeled in 5 astronauts
10 French poodles
A collection of erotic doodles
But I’ve never, ever, ever caught a normal fish
And that’s why I’m packing it in.