Halloween is coming AND SO ARE THE ZOMBIES! RUN! RUN AWAY!

Animated by Zekey SpaceyLizard.

Look at my hearse, my hearse is amazing
Give it a lick
Mmm. It tastes like there’s brains in
Now get out of my lane
Or I’ll deliver the pain
I’ll use this chainsaw again
If you scratch my sweet paint job.
Ooh that’s hurty
Do you think so?
Well I’d better not show you my large box of hand grenades.
Eat hand grenade
Eat hand grenade
Eat hand grenade
Yes eat this hand grenade.

Get off my hearse I don’t enjoy this zombie curse
Or all these other monsters too.
I think you’ll find that we prefer to be
called the un-dead.
Shut up zombie get off my hearse.
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