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Welcome to the first post of Daze's game blog! Weebl, as my producer and landlord, thought it would be a good idea if I wrote about games for his site. Actually, he wanted me to stop asking him if I could.

I'll talk about new and upcoming games, stuff I'm playing, stuff I used to play, and basically any rants that the other two wouldn't let me go on about during filming. I mean, seriously, all we needed to do is cut two poo jokes!

I'm interested to hear your thoughts too. Not all your thoughts, obviously. That would be weird.  Also I made the icon for this myself so if anyone thinks it's cropped badly don't blame Weebl, or any of the fine raggedy orphans he employs to animate for him.

This first post's a little gaming content light because it's just an introductory one. What can I say here?

I don't know.

Thief 2, that was a good game.

Job done.


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