Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2


Rainbow Six Vegas 2
System: Xbox 360
By: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six are back and doing their shooty, shooty thing in Sin City. The only thing they won't shoot is Craps as they are strictly business (they also won't shoot innocent bystanders and each other but that didn't sound as good).

For those of you that don't know what the game involves then let me explain. R6V2 is a tactical FPS in which you are the leader of a three man anti-terrorist squad dealing with some baddies who are intent on causing death and destruction around Vegas. You control your two squad members to a certain extent, telling them to hold their position, take cover or move to somewhere else. The main use for these commands is when you have to enter a room full of miscreants in order to pop a cap in their arses. Line 'em up by a door and then tell em who to kill first (if you like), wander in and shoot, cheb a grenade in or use a breaching charge to blow the bloody doors off. While this is going on you can also choose to enter via a different door if one should exist (and they usually do because everyone loves a door in Vegas). Since this is a Tactical shooter then you'll be needing to use cover a lot since being shot tends to be very, very bad. Using cover is easy though, just walk up to some and hold a button and you're away. Some cover is better than others due to bullet penetration so no hiding behind a paper curtain.

So that's the game play in a nutshell. It's pretty much like the first R6V in many ways but a lot less enjoyable. Why is that you may be asking? Several things I think. Firstly the story in this game is not a patch on the first. I never really gave a crap about what was goin' on or why even during one of the big moments of the story. It just does not seem as deep or as involving as the first which for me is a problem. I love a good tale in my FPS's and this was not good. It's not bad mind, just terribly mediocre. The next problem is that you seem to be in a world where doors have taken over and become so populous that they are now placed every 3 feet just to let you know who's boss. Given this knowledge you should probably use breaching charges whenever possible. Take a stand for the human race! The constant door checking in the 500th office space becomes quite a chore. When you finally get an outside space to play in you often find yourself so jaded by what's gone on before that you don't really care.

This door problem brings a very staccato rhythm to the game whereby you move into an area, shoot, duck, shoot some more and then move forward to the next bit of cover until the terrorists have stopped spawning. And let me make this very clear. They do just spawn. In one fight I saw 4 of them literally pop out of thin air which in this day and age is piss poor. The graphics on the whole are ok but not as good as last time. Go figure. How's the multi player? It's OK. If you liked the multi player in R6V then you should be fairly happy with it this time too. I have to say stick to the familiar game types though as some of the new ones are deadly dull.

Not going well is it? What with COD4 being so good this doesn't really deserve your time. It's frustrating to play and just not as good as the first game. If you are trying to decide between this and Call of Duty 4 then I think you know what my suggestion would be. All in all a huge disappointment.

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