This will change your life!

This will change your life!

Here at Weebl's Stuff we are well known for our Flash animations, furniture reviews and, to a lesser extent, games. So it wasn't much of a surprise when I received the following email from the makers of the Sumo beanbag:


My name is Andrew and I have a company named Sumo which sells a modern/funky/high-quality line of bean bags & soft furniture on the net.

Our products are great and not to let passion or pride take hold but I could simply say, our Omni chair is the most comfortable chair in the world and truly enhances ones life!

I like am a fan of your site & was wondering if you would be interested in taking a sample of our Omni chair and posting a review on it.

Our website is:

Please let me know if your interested?



Well... Of course we would be interested since reviewing beanbags is our life blood. Not to mention the fact that I love having my life enhanced. Especially if it comes in a soft squishy form. This I had to see.

In order to save cash moneys the bag arrived sans filling and looked a tad sorry for itself. Not a problem  though since there are numerous sites selling the little white static balls for low, low prices. How hard could it be to pour tiny, tiny polystyrene balls into a huge, huge black cover?

Oh dear. The missus is going to kill me.

Turns out that the best way to fill a bean bag is not to try and tip all the filling in at once. Who knew? I certainly do now and I have the bruises to prove it. Let it not be said that I need to be told twice.

Having finally filled the bag it was time to test this life enhancing item to the full. I'm not one to rush these sorts of things and so a period of a month was given to see how this baby handles.

Let's quickly take some time out here to look over the specifications.

The Sumo Omni Bean Bag
  • space age, rip proof nylon

  • huge - 5.5 x 4.5 feet that's as big as several cats or a small horse like a Shetland.

  • lightweight

  • comes in a variety of colours including Platinum (grey), Pitch Black (black), Fiery Red (red) and Tangerine (orange)

  • water repellant

  • stain resistant

  • easy to clean

  • incredibly comfortable

  • versatile - 10 in 1
Wow! Impressive stuff. The space age, rip proof nylon is certainly a winner since it means that you won't get those annoying stray foam balls sneaking out like you do with a lesser bag. At least I suspect that's the case but I am still finding the buggers from the initial spillage.

The last point is interesting though. Versatile - 10 in 1. That's the number of positions they figure you can mold the bag into. I hate to brag but I think I may have found a few more. Lets start with a few that they've suggested though and then move on to ours.

Position 1: The Standard
The classic beanbag stance. Just lay it out and lie on it. Simple and effective. Note also that this shot is taken outside in my lovely garden. The Sumo Omni can take this because it's rugged and water resistant! In your face cotton based beanbags!

Position 2: The Glove
So called because this shape reminds me a little of a boxing glove or indeed a crabs' hand. I obviously couldn't call it the crab's hand position though as that would be silly and this is a serious review. As are all our reviews. We take our position as the premier UK animation and furniture information portal very seriously.

I'm not joking.

Position 3: The Relaxed Horse
This method is demonstrated on the Sumo lounge site by a pretty lady but to be honest it's clear to me that she is an amateur when it comes to relaxing. This is the correct way to perform the Relaxed Horse.

Position 4: Present Arse!
Gays need to relax too. We think this alignment of body to beanbag may find favour with those who play for the other team. Note that I am not gay but I am a professional and have a duty to inform.

Note the subtle difference between this and the Relaxed Horse.

Position 5: The Overlord
This one is very comfortable indeed. Once you've adopted this position a feeling of superiority will most likely sweep over you much like it sweeps over both kings upon their thrones and evil masterminds handing down orders to their minions.

In this picture you can see me contemplating my next evil scheme. That's the sort of power the Sumo Omni confers!

Finally a few more innovative positions for those more experienced in the ways of sitting down.

The Faceplant and The Smell of Fear


So is the Sumo Omni any good and will it enhance you life? The answer to the first question is absolutely yes. It's a wonderfully comfy bit of bag and beans and you can dive on it, leave your cat around it or even use it out doors without fear.  It is however massive so if you've not got much space in your room it's probably something you should take into account.

Will it enhance you life? No. It's pretty swish and stylish but at the end of the day it's a beanbag. If a piece of furniture is going to make your life better then you've got problems. I'm not sure what that problem would be though. A fetish for sitting on beans in a space age fabric cover or a love of not sitting on floors maybe.

If you want a nice beanbag then this is more than worth considering. Just don't expect angels to fly out of it and make your tea.

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