Fancy Dancer weekly update and review

Fancy Dancer weekly update and review

As you may know since it's been mentioned several hundred times by Weebl, we here at are running a competition to find the fanciest dancer of the year. Once found we should award them with an amazing trophy and a copy of the even more amazing Guitar Hero game.

The name of this competition? Why it's the imaginatively titled:

As well as showcasing some of this weeks entries Skoo and myself will also be reviewing some of the fine videos we have received.

First Up

skoo - Wtf is this crap.
moog - AM I ON ACID??
skoo - I stopped this video halfway as there is no dancing. Yawn.
moog - Apparently there is some at the end.
moog - I am venturing on.
moog - Well, there is some kicking...
moog - I hate this, this is NOT a good start. Harumph.

skoo - Ohhh.
moog - His hair is HUGE.
skoo - I think it's a hat.
moog - Oh. He gets point from me for having a fancy mash-up thouh.
skoo - Wait a sec
skoo - They are using moves from the gorilla man
skoo - This is great
moog - I love this. i am not sure why the other guy has a scary mask on though, but frankly it  does help add to the granduer of the piece. I am reminded of an early Torvill and Dean.
skoo - Good props. Good hair. Good music. Good moves. This is a classic and one of my personal faves. I have no need to further explain myself.

moog - Oh god, i AM on acid.
moog - I knew it.
moog - No i'm not having this I'm afraid.
skoo - Cheating.
moog - Disqualified.
skoo - Nice idea but if you dont bust the moves yourself, you aint dancing my friend.

moog - For someone dancing in silence, he does a mean drum solo.
moog - All i can hear are his clicking fingers.
skoo - At first I thought this was a new type of aerobics video, but then I started to worry that the poor chaps foot was glued to the floor. It turns out that neither of these things are true. Some good moves, solid overall performance but his robot clearly needs some oil.

skoo - I must see this.
moog - Oh my god.
skoo - Holy crap.
moog - The ANGER.
moog - Points for wearing merchandise.
skoo - The wavy arm is funny.
moog - Well, he has mimicked Durst very well.

At this point Weebl enters clutching a mostly empty bottle of Jack Daniels and what looks like jam on his chin.

Weebl - Heh
Weebl - Digga's angry dance
moog - Your thoughts?
Weebl - Not fancy
Weebl - He used to be such a nice a delicate flower.
moog - No he didn't
skoo - There was a lot of rage in this video, the lack of any visible leg moves is a minus for me. I think that the arm wave was well executed, and there was quite a bit of lip syncing. I'm not sure it is fancy enough to hang with the big boys.
moog - Oh wait, he has a second one...

Weebl - It's good.
moog - This is all well and good, but i think its quite obvious he'd rather be dancing to the cheeky girls.
skoo - This is more like it, the bouncing shows a will to be fancy. The hand moves are many and varied. I still see that he hasn't done his ironing on that shirt in the background. If he danced in the fancy shirt I might have given him a better review.
moog - Has he even left that room in the past 4 years?
skoo - Yes.
skoo - To go to uni.
moog - So he says.

skoo - Is that a vid?
moog - Yeah...
moog - Its terrible.
moog - Its just spinning.
moog - Although he does fall down at the end, appealing to the You've Been Framed watcher in me.
skoo - Scouse hair, and feeble "dancing". This is borderline shite.

skoo - This is one of our best solo efforts to date. I am impressed with the burst of pace, the endless enthusiasm, and the short flurry of robotic movements. The hat is also nice.
moog - Flawless robot! This is robot perfection right here.

moog - Oh god this is wonderful.
skoo - Wow.
skoo - Okay, I think these guys are perhaps our new leaders. The dancing was fancy, the editing was decent, the smiles... oh God, the smiles. They went on for miles. I like this one a lot.
Weebl - Brilliant.
Weebl - They are maintaining the smile well which is a good thing.
Weebl -
As the fancy dance should be enjoyable.
moog -
He's going to get lockjaw if he's not careful, but more worrying than that, I think I just fell in love with this guy. I must like men in cubicles.
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